Yoni Steam Herbs 2 oz

Yoni Steam Herbs 2 oz

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Our yoni steam blend is formulated to bring balance to the womb. Physically and Spiritually. Please use with wooden vaginal steam stool for best results. The herbal benefits are listed below  

 Red Raspberry Leaf: Red Raspberry Leaf gently tones the uterus, promoting a sthong foundation for the womb. During menstruation, it eases cramps and minimizes excessive bleeding, providing a nurturing touch to the reproductive system.

Motherwort: Known as the "mother's herb," Motherwort can alleviate cramps, balance hormones, and provide emotional support, allowing you to navigate your menstrual cycle with grace and ease.

 Mugwort: Mugwort's anti-inflammatory properties work wonders during menstruation, reducing pain and discomfort. It promotes circulation to the pelvic region, aiding in a smoother menstrual flow and enhancing overall reproductive well-being.

Dandelion Leaf: A gentle diuretic, Dandelion Leaf supports fluid balance during menstruation. It eases bloating, reduces water retention, and contributes to detoxification, ensuring a more comfortable and harmonious menstrual experience.

 Lavender: Beyond its calming aroma, Lavender offers relief from menstrual stress. Its anti-inflammatory properties ease tension and reduce pain, creating a tranquil environment that complements the soothing rituals of self-care during menstruation.

Calendula: Calendula's anti-inflammatory and healing properties make it a valuable companion during menstruation. It aids in soothing irritated tissues, reducing pain, and promoting a sense of comfort throughout your cycle.

Rose Petals: Embracing the essence of femininity, Rose Petals lend their antibacterial properties to the Yoni Stem Herbal Blend. During menstruation, they contribute to maintaining a healthy environment, ensuring a hygienic and gentle experience.

Yarrow: With a historical reputation for menstrual support, Yarrow minimizes clotting and reduces menstrual pain. Its toning properties help regulate the menstrual flow, promoting a balanced and comfortable experience.

Chamomile: Chamomile's gentle nature extends to menstrual care, offering relief from cramps and promoting relaxation. Its anti-inflammatory qualities soothe the body and mind, creating a tranquil sanctuary for self-care.