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It all started with my first batch of home-made soap and a container of Shea Butter! Karite Naturals was originally created out of a need for quality all natural body-care products for my family. My daughter suffered from eczema and I suffered from dry sensitive skin. And many over the counter products I encountered had harmful ingredients such as mineral oils, fragrance, colorants, sodium laurel sulfate and petroleum. So I started my journey and decided to use the power of nature to heal myself and my family. I started inquiring about natural oils, fruit and nut butters. I researched the many types of healing herbs and essential oils. I enrolled in cold-process soap making classes and started to make my own body and hair care products for my family. And I immediately felt and saw a noticeable difference in our skin.


After sharing my products with friends and family and having request for multiple bars of soap and body butters I decided this was something I should share with others who suffered from the same skin issues my family experienced. All body butters,  are hand-made in my kitchen using unrefined Shea butter, organic unrefined coconut oil and other essential and natural oils to promote healing and nourish dry skin. I have recently partnered with a natural soap distributor  to process my soaps in effort to keep up with supply and demad and to maintain the natural quality of my brand. I continue to a difference in the skin of my family and continue to have  excellent feedback from my many customers who suffer from eczema and troubled skin.


 I have expanded my brand with organic teas, natural hair care, natural cleansing  products,  crystals and other healing products that I LOVE.  And I will continue to expand my product line and services  in effort to address the growing need for organic natural health and  body and hair care products.  I have always believed in the power of nature and the importance of cleansing and detoxing the body. I have been researching and  using herbs for over 20 years.  And using the power of nature, spirit and mother earth to heal on the inside and out.  I also  believe in eating a plant base diet to feed the body and cells.

 It is a pleasure and honor to share this knowledge with you.  It has truly been a blessing to serve so many people with my natural products. If I can be of service to you with my natural products or if you have a question please send us an email or give us a call!  To book a holistic  health workshop send  us an email for availability and pricing.


Thank you so much for visiting my website!

Peace and Blessings!!!